An Important Issue for Latin American Photographers

No, don’t sit there and just click past this blog post. Stop and listen. We need to talk to you about Latin American photographers and representation as the camera companies look at Latin America as a potentially huge market. They’re targeting it with stuff like contests and much more. But the truth is that the contests seem to be run by folks who don’t understand a market and apply all their thoughts to it instead. And truthfully, how many times has that worked in history? Have we learned nothing?

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Four Photojournalists Discuss Ethics in Photojournalism

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A couple of months back, the Bronx Documentary Center held a panel with four famous photojournalists discussing the ethics of photojournalism. The panel was held in part with their gallery showing called Altered Images–which displaying manipulated images in photojournalism over the past 150 years.

The photojournalists in attendance were Joao Silva, Ricky Flores, Joseph Rodriguez and Eugene Richards. The moderator of the panel was Whitney Richardson, photo editor at The New York Times. Throughout the panel, the photojournalists speak of hardships and balancing their thoughts on community vs what editors at papers need them to do and later on have interesting things to say about American media.

The video is after the jump and is well over an hour. so it’s probably best listened to or watched later on in your day. Additionally, the language tends to get courser–but what you’ll find is a very real and uncensored experience.

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