Trupal Pandya Documents the Folklore and Culture of the Last Aryans

All images by Trupal Pandya. Used with permission.

If our past features have hinted on the growing interest of New York-based photographer Trupal Pandya in documenting the way of life in places unfamiliar to most of us, this body of work will definitely cement it. Today, we bring you his fascinating portraits of the Brokpa, a tribe that rose to popularity as the last of the pure Aryan bloodline, being descendants of the lost soldiers of Alexander the Great.

Being born and raised in India, a country surrounded by rich cultural diversity, we can say that the curiosity for different cultures and tribes around the world is innate in Trupal. Previously, he introduced us to the last living headhunters of the Konyak Naga tribe of the Nagaland province in Northeast India. This time, we place the spotlight on the Brokpa, another of India’s fascinating tribes, whose claim to fame comes from being the “last Aryans”.

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