Jose Ferreira Documents the Unique Battle of Men Against Breast Cancer

All images by Jose Ferreira. Used with permission.

When we speak of breast cancer, it’s almost always in reference to a woman’s battle against the disease. However, a small percent of men also get inflicted with this devastating condition. In a series of compelling documentary photographs by Lisbon-based Jose Ferreira, we get to picture the present situation concerning men’s breast cancer. The documentary portraits in black and white tell a powerful story on their own. But to create a clearer picture and raise better awareness, it helps to have some expert opinion on something as serious but rarely discussed as men’s breast cancer. Paired with Jose’s photography is an equally eye-opening write-up by Dr. Fatima Cardoso, the Breast Cancer Unit Director of Champalimaud Medical Center and the Head of the International Program for Men’s Breast Cancer.

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The Power of a Photo Essay: The Battle We Didn’t Choose

Shaving Jens head at the hospital

“A picture is worth 1000 words…” and while this cliche may be both tired and incredibly overused, there is still some truth and value to it. When you create a photo-story (or photo-essay) you are relying on images to do all the talking for you. What this means for you, the photographer, is that your images need to: convey a range of emotions that cater to a universal audience flow in a cohesive manner, construct a viable story and be concise enough to only include what’s completely necessary. A photo-story can be an incredibly powerful delivery system for a personal message, or sharing a story that can appeal to a global audience. Without words to accompany them, images are forced to stand on their own and deliver their message in a way that can be understood by anyone.

Angelo Merendino chose document an extremely tough story to tell: the story of his wife’s struggle with breast cancer. With Angelo’s deeply personal set of images we are taken through the full spectrum of emotion from: joy, strength and incredible courage, to sadness, frailty and the anguish of death. This is a prime example of an effective story, and one that hits you right in the heart and doesn’t let go.

Editor’s Note: This is an extremely gripping story and we’d like to warn you before you proceed. However, it demonstrates a point that we feel needs to be expressed.

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Photographer Bob Carey Publishes New Photos For the Tutu Project


All images shot by Bob Carey. Used with permission.

If you aren’t familiar with the work of photographer Bob Carey, then perhaps you’re familiar with the Tutu Project. Petapixel reported on it before and interviewed Carey. His intent for creating the series of images was to support the fundraising efforts of the Carey Foundation to support breast cancer victims. Carey released the first set of images a while back which went viral, and his second set is about to publicly be unveiled at a gallery in NYC this weekend.

Phoblographer readers in the NYC area are welcome to attend by registering through Eventbrite; and are offered the discount code, “MeetUp.”

I’ll be there, and I hope to see many of you. However, I’m also going to donate to the cause. Here are more images from the project.

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