This is What Warped Tour Musicians Look Like Before and After They Perform


Keith, Every Time I Die

All images by Brandon Andersen. Used with permission

Some photographers love going to concerts to snap photos of their favorite performers on stage. But Brandon Andersen had a totally different idea. Upon going to the Vans Warped Tour, Mr. Andersen said that he wanted to do something different from every photographer on tour: and indeed he did. When he talked with the main photographer that he was interning for, he was recommended to do a portrait series. So he dug up a V-Flat that he hung on a fence, his 5D Mk III and a 24-70mm f2.8 L II then photographed musicians before and after their performances.

Mr. Andersen tells us that getting access to the musicians was actually the easy part because he had been touring with artists on and off for around two years. “I have made friends along the way. So on the first day I joined the Vans Warped Tour I knocked out some of the before and after portraits with friends that were performing.” states Brandon. “They loved them, told other artists and they were more than down to be in the project. I also had a copy of the portraits on my phone so I could ask an artist and show him/her on the spot, More than likely they were thrilled to be apart of it.”

More of the portraits are after the jump. But also be sure to check out Brandon on Instagram.

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