Christopher Cardoza: An Amputee’s Boston Marathon Prep


Images by Christopher Cardoza. Used with permission

Editor’s Note: Muji is not running. We were very mistaken and apologize for the error.

Two years ago, the Boston Bombing ravaged many people and brought out horrific images of destruction on our own home turf. Participants suffered severe injuries with some losing limbs, which rendered them unable to run.

However, one runner by the name of Muji Karim had already lost limbs to a terrible accident years previous. Muji made it his goal to help others in similar situations.

Photographer Christopher Cardoza has been working with Muji on a special behind the scenes campaign. Christopher is a photographer and filmmaker based in Boston, MA specializing in commercial and documentary work in the sports world. He has shot and produced stories about Cy Young award winning pitchers, power-lifting super humans, outrageously flexible yogis, and basketball players in Rwanda- to name a few.

But this one is truly touching with the anniversary of the bombing coming up on April 15th.

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Reddit Uses Images Of the Boston Marathon Bombings To Pinpoint Potential Suspects


According to an extremely exciting article on Slate, Reddit has assembled loads of images taken at the areas of the Boston Bombing and done some of their own crowd sourced sleuthing. They popular community has created a sub-reddit coined, “Find Boston Bombers.” And through lots of careful analysis they’ve identified two men with stripes on their backpacks. These markings very closely match one of the destroyed satchels found at the crime scene–but of course that isn’t necessarily enough evidence. If the men identified are truly involved, this could be a huge story on how average people from around the internet combined their intelligence to solve a crime.

The community has previously solved loads of crimes. In particular, people in the NYC and Brooklyn sub-reddits sometimes post photos of lost people or pets (or even stolen bikes) and clues end up popping up. Similarly, Redditors are often curious and highly intelligent–a couple of years ago they helped to crack a major code and hints released by the gaming studio Valve to finally show off that Portal 2 was going to be launched.

When the bombings happened, an Instagram hashtag was created entitled, #PrayForBoston–and many other people contributed images to the curation. Lots of these images were from the scene itself.

Full Disclosure: I’m an admin of two Reddit groups–but this story is legitimately about the use of images from ordinary people.


#PRAYFORBOSTON Hashtag Surfaces on Instagram After Today’s Explosions at the Boston Marathon


Today, there were two explosions at the Boston Marathon which greatly injured many people. It is perhaps one of the more horrific incidents that we’ve heard of in a while on US soil. Twitter is abuzz about the incident with the Boston Marathon hashtag going quite crazy. But on Instagram, the #PrayForBoston hashtag was created and many users flooded the tag after just a few hours.

Many users posted images from the event as it happened to their Instagram. Additionally, Police even went as far as to ask people to tell everyone to stay away from that area.

We found a bunch of photos on Instagram recapping the whole situation. They’re after the jump, but we warn you that some of them might be graphic.

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