Polly Irungu on the Incredible Rise of Black Women Photographers

Two years ago, Polly Irungu wasn’t your average 26 years old. Instead of going out to party or eating in a fancy restaurant, Irungu began a movement that would change the direction of her life. She founded Black Women Photographers, an organization that aims to uplift the demographic in various ways. We cover it all in this week’s episode of Inside The Photographer’s Mind.

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How I’m Finding a Photography Community in the Most Unlikely Place

I’ve longed for a meaningful photography community. And it’s been difficult to ascertain in the real world, especially during the pandemic. So, like most photographers, I turn to an online community. Instagram is a waste of time as it feeds narcissism. Facebook seems to be more about online fighting rather than togetherness. Flickr is okay, but I never got on that hype train. Then I turned to Twitter. And to my surprise, I’m finally finding a photography community that I was close to thinking was only a utopia.

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It’s 2021, and Diversity in Photography Is Still a Struggle

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As the Arts & Culture editor of a leading photography publication, it’s my responsibility to ensure we remain as diverse as possible. It’s not only my doing; all staff at The Phoblographer remains committed to showing the best photographers from all walks of life. Diversity in photography isn’t tricky either. Dig into any subculture, and I promise you will find remarkable photographers. So, the question is: why do camera manufacturers still struggle to get on top of diversity within their camps?

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