HoldFast Gear Releases a Brand New Tote for Photographers; Gorgeous New Strap


Holdfast Gear has always been known for releasing beautiful products. And they’ve now got a totally brand new and characteristically jaw droopingly gorgeous Bison Tote bag. Matt Swaggart, the creator, states that the bag isn’t totally for photographers, but that there will be inserts soon for them to put their necessities in there and protect it with the lip-bitingly alluring Bison leather surrounding the bag. It’s big enough to stow away your 15″ laptop, an iPad, earphones, mirrorless camera, lenses, wallet, paperback, bottle of water, and other random stuff. And if you’re the type of person that appreciates this type of craftsmanship, get ready to drop $220 on one. You can check it out via their website, and when you think about it that’s a pretty good deal considering that a similar bag from Brooklyn Industries will be a tad less but isn’t made from leather.

That’s not all though! We reviewed their Ruckstrap a while back and today they’re announcing their Mini-Ruck for mirrorless cameras. The strap has a handy wallet for SD cards, business cards, money, etc. The whole thing was crafted from duck canvas, bridle leather, and micro-fiber suede lining. You’ll drop $145 for this little baby.

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