Arkansas Wants to Ban Drone Photography


Apparently people don’t like being photographed by drones. Did you know that this was a thing at all?

But some hate it to the point where they want to criminalize the use of drones for capturing photos. Specifically, back in September the state of Arkansas created a bill to ban their use, which was recently brought to light online after it was filed. The bill is being sponsored by a Republican Representative and covers the use of more than just the traditional images. The bill is going out of its way to ban the use of thermal imaging, sound waves, ultraviolet light, visible light and capturing any sort of data when someone is in the property.

Even further, the bill is also trying to ban the sale or distribution of images shot from drones–effectively covering all bases in their attempt to ban drone photography.

Arkansas isn’t the first state to do this though, California did it, the issue has been brought up in Texas, and the use of drones isn’t allowed in New York City.

Invasion of privacy is completely understandable, but not when someone is in public.

Big thanks to Matt Baker for providing us with the information on this one.