Sergio Laskin on Creating Pastry Photos That Tempt Dieters


All images by Sergio Laskin. Used with permission.

“Actually, I can’t say I’m into photography at all. It first started with taking photos of my girlfriend, and basically, she’s the only model I’ve ever taken pictures of,” says graphic designer Sergio Laskin, who is also the Art Director of Studio 43. “But after we moved into new apartment, we were making opening parties for our friends and I started to make photos of food I’ve made.” And that’s how Sergio started a family food blog.

One of the big things about the social media and web world is that if you have no credibility, no one will pay attention to you. So Sergio got the idea to invite local celebrities to their home to cook something.

“But I don’t see myself as a food photographer or photographer at all, because the ownership of a camera doesn’t make you a good one.” says Sergio. “So let’s call it a hobby, that sometimes helps me with my main work – graphical design.”

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