Remember That Medium Format Smartphone Digital Back? It’s on Kickstarter Now


A while back, we reported on a project being worked on by Badass Cameras that involved connecting a smartphone to a medium format camera via a special back. And now, it’s on Kickstarter–complete with rage-inducing awe-inspiring video and all. The best part: it’s called HASSELNUTS. Hasselnuts pledges to bring new life to your medium format Hasselblad film camera by letting you mount your iPhone to it and shoot away.

Sounds cool right? Not if you’re a medium format lover! You’re shooting with a small area of the entire medium format lens coverage. However, we’re going to admit that it is still significantly more affordable than professional medium format backs–even if it doesn’t allow you the dynamic range, color depth, or full manual controls. Editor’s Correction: There is ground glass, and you’re shooting with the entire area of the imaging circle.

A demo video is after the jump. Head on over to their website to check out their sample images too.

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Badass Cameras Is Looking To Develop The World’s First Medium Format Smartphone Digital Back


Turning a film camera into a digital one is an idea that has been around for a while. And though prototypes have also been around, they’ve never hit the mass market. Engineering a back to go into a 35mm SLR along with a sensor and card writer seems to be just too much for some. But a new company called Badass Cameras is looking to do just that. They’re aiming to develop the world’s first medium format smartphone digital back. So what the heck does that mean?

Well, from the image above, they’re looking to attach your iPhone to a special medium format film camera back that lines up perfectly with the SLR lens. The only problem that we really see so far is that the iPhone still has automatic shutter control. But maybe the back will figure out a hack of some sort. What is also obviously means is that the sensor will still be very small–not even APS-C sized. And at that point, medium format film still outdoes digital at that size.

We’ve pinged the company for a response and for more info. But they’re stating that a Kickstarter will be happening soon. Still want to get into medium format film photography? Check out our essentials kit for our recommended entry.

Thanks for the tip Greg!