An Analysis of Apple’s iPhone 4S Camera: What We Know So Far

Image from This is My Next’s Liveblog of the Apple Announcement, by far the fastest and best one that didn’t crash.

Today, Apple announced the iPhone 4S. In the world of photography, we mostly care about the camera to help spur on our creative initiatives. The iPhone 4 had an impressive range of features like an f2.4 lens, ISO 80-2000 and 1/1000th shutter speeds. Indeed, after our field test we saw that use of Apple’s iPhone 4 really took off with the amount of apps that came out such as Hisptamatic, Instagram, etc.

Apple proclaimed that they wanted to create a camera that is better than a point and shoot. So, have they? Without having our hands on the product at all, we’re going to do a breakdown the specs.

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