Profoto Announces New B4 1000 Air Lighting Kit

Love your Profoto Air lights? We rated the D1 Studio kit very highly in our review, and today the company has announced another update to the product line with the B4 Air 1000 light (after teasing it on their blog). So what’s so amazing about it? Here’s the breakdown for us humans in bite sized packages:

– flash durations down to 1/25,000 of a second

– the company claims it is has the fastest recycling time in the world. In fact, it can fire 30 flashes per second at the lowest power setting and at full power the recharge happens in less than one second

– 1/10th F stop increments

– When the power is all drained, it can be recharged in less than 45 mins

– Aluminum chassis with rubber frame

No word on pricing or availability yet. But we’ll be sure to get our hands on a review unit soon. At this point, I should probably remind you guys that I’m a former MAC Group employee (Profoto’s mother company) and that I’m drooling to give these a spin.

Via Dan Carr Photography