This New Umbrella Is Said to be Better for Digital Sensors


David Hobby found a brand new type of umbrella from B2Pro lighting. I’m a big personal fan of 7 foot parabolic umbrella with a silver interior to bring out some wonderful specular highlights on a subject, but this umbrella is totally different. The interior consists of RGB photo sites which are said to work better with digital sensors. The description specifically states that it is designed for digital CCD sensors–and the only professional grade cameras with CCDs anymore are medium format.

While it does seem logical, I’m not sure that it is really viable. Anyone going for this umbrella will also probably spend time in Lightroom or Photoshop, and that can nullify nearly any major effects if you have a working knowledge of color theory. Additionally, personally like using umbrellas and Pocket Wizards with my X Pro 1–which has an X Trans Sensor that randomizes the RGB pattern.

We’d be interested in testing the unit overall though–but B2Pro has quite the mountain to climb against the likes of Westcott and others.