Iron Man Grounded Humanizes the Famous Hero


All images by Raffael Dickreuter. Used with permission.

Photographer Raffael Dickreuter is based in Los Angeles, CA. Originally born in Switzerland he has a diverse professional background in film visual effects, design, advertising and photography. While attending the Golden Globe awards a couple of months back, Raffael was fortunate enough to basically be in Robert Downey Jr’s presence–we specifically say that because of how the events that inspired “Iron Man Grounded” went down. Robert and Marvel’s Tony Stark are very similar characters, so when Raffael felt that Robert was essentially untouchable to mere mortals, he decided to create a photo project that puts the playboy millionaire in situations that are much more grounded.

And with that, Iron Man Grounded was born–right around the time that Avengers: Age of Ultron has been released. We talked to Raffael about the project and how he developed the scenes.

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