The Acer Aspire 7’s Screen Will Make The On The Road Photographer’s Life Easier


When you’re travelling, sometimes it is nice to be able to switch out between various devices for different needs. Acer’s new technology involving the versatility of its screen may probably be making it one step closer for a travelling photographer–providing that they want to give up their MacBook or split the hard drive and boot Lion onto the machine. The screen of the Acer Aspire  7 operates as a normal front view screen, then it can be turned around for presentations, or it can collapse and work in a tablet like interface (perfect for Photoshop if a stylus is designed!) or it can work in a more ergonomically comfortable position of slanted and facing up if the laptop in, well, in your lap!

The Acer Aspire 7 also comes preloaded with Windows 8 to take advantage of the touchscreen monitor, 15 inch screen that comes with a “full HD” resolution, the latest generation of Intel Core chips, and more.

Gizmodo’s hands on review states that it is targeted at people that will be at a desk all day, but we can see it being a very mobile workstation.