5 Unique Engagement Photos That Will Make You Swoon

It’s always a happy time when two people unite and decide to spend the rest of their days together. Maybe we’re becoming soppy in our elder years, but there’s something about seeing engagement photos that release all our Oxytocin. Many photographers have documented these beautiful moments. We’ve had the pleasure of being a home for some of the best photographs in the engagement space, and we celebrate the best of them below.

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These Breaking Bad Engagement Photos Will Make You Miss the Show Even More


All photos by Ashley Eubanks. Used with permission. Also check out her facebook page.

Photographer Ashley Eubanks recently shot a very special engagement session. Her best friend came to her with the idea to shoot it with a Breaking Bad theme. Obviously, it was based on the hit TV series that recently showed its final episode. “We chose the scenes by looking at promo photos from the show and got inspiration from those!” says Eubanks. “We imitated some of the poses and whatnot. We just kind of went with it and did what felt right!”

More is on Ashley’s blog, but there are other photos after the jump.

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