Ashley Comer’s Street Photography Has a Sense of Mystery

Photographer Ashley Comer tells us all about her love of images.

My name is Ashley Comer and I’m a photographer and teacher living and working in England. I am interested in photography as a tool for communicating a story. I typically shoot using a Canon 5D mark ii and 50mm lens though have done projects with 35mm film (pentax k1000) as well as with large format. Most recently I finished working on a “photo a day” project which started January of 2016 and ended in November of 2017.

What began as a New Year’s Resolution turned into a visual documentation of my thoughts and emotions as they travel throughout the days. As the year evolved so did the photographs. Feminist revolts, political dismay, unrequited love, the experience of living in New York City, are all woven into the quilt of my 2016. Alone they are snapshots of my thoughts and experiences in my day-to-day life, but together they create a whole new snapshot. Capturing this year in the romance, the struggles, the fun and games, the protests, and the people trying to find their place in the world.

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