Ash is a Creative Photo Series Involving Simple Composites


All images by Ars Thanea. Used with permission.

The folks over at Ars Thanea recently displayed one of their latest projects involving ashes and roses and creating an idea. “I really wanted to create something unreal. Something which is actually impossible to see in world we know.” says Peter from Ars Thanea. “It may sound weird, but the first thing which came to my mind was a scored archetype of beauty – a figure which still retains its shape – just before a total collapse.”

Peter tells us that he thought about making it into a photo series with stuff like flowers and jewelry and he chose roses.

“The Ash expands our portfolio, but also presents what we are capable to do. And at the time it was about an idea, not execution.”

To create the images, Peter tell us that everyone was done from scratch. The roses were moulded from various materials and covered with something looking like volcanic ash and real burning coal. The spots between the flowers were lit with a red light. “Then using the same angle, we took some photos of burning coal only. All photos were finally digitally composed.” says Peter.

More images from the shoot are after the jump, but if you want to see more of their work you should totally check out their powder portrait session.

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