Moments In The Same Place: Street Photography on Film


All images by Arthur Bueno. Used with permission. This post was done in collaboration with the Sub-Reddit R/Analog with permission from the mods.

“It was around the time of 2010 – 2012 that I had lived in the Bay Area California for school. I was attending the Academy of Art University for photography and had to make my trips from Daly City to San Francisco for class almost everyday,” said photographer Arthur Bueno about his series MOMENTS IN THE SAME PLACE. “It usually started early mornings and ended late nights. And as I started to grab onto this routine there were a couple of things that I started seeing that were unusual. Before I knew it I started gripping my camera in the morning, during lunch, and at night.”

Arthur largely shot the project in between classes as he got lost or happened to be in an area out of pure coincidence. But after a while, he wanted to look at the work in an angle that he thought seemed to made sense. “Then the words ‘MOMENTS IN THE SAME PLACE’ came into mind. It was exactly how I felt about the work,” he said. “Most of the images I was making were in my daily routines. It starts off going into the city, walking around the city and then leaving from the city.”

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