Ars Thanea: We Just Wanted to Have Some Fun


All images by Szymon Świętochowski. Used with permission from Ars Thanea.

Ars Thanea is an advertising and production company that wanted new portraits done to show that they’re a creative bunch. For a long time, they’d had the idea and inspiration from the “holi” holiday–a reference to the Hindu holiday where folks throw powder at one another. Peter from the company tells us that they knew that they wanted to make the “people” section really awesome.

“…so the only plan we had was to stay still and shoot from the front.” says Peter. “It was the method of many trials. We were throwing the powder at each other and we used as much powder as we could hold in our hands.”

The images are a demonstration of the company trying to have a bit of fun at the expense of a huge mess. Peter also tells us that everyone had to hold their breath for a few seconds, just for a single shot. However, they had to pray that the photographer got the shot right the first time. Otherwise, they needed to take a shower, get clean and do it all over again.

Ars Thanea’s images are after the jump–and a great example at how creatives can express that they’re creative people in their portraits.

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