Fujifilm XS10: IBIS Will Be Great, But Weather Sealing Is A Must-Have

A new mid-range camera called the Fujifilm XS10 sounds excellent, but Fujifilm needs to break their trend of omitting weather sealing from their more affordable cameras.

Brace yourselves. Another new camera might be with us soon—this time in the flavor of Fujifilm. Speculation has been rife for some time about a possible new mid-range camera from Fujifilm. It appears that it might be called the X-S10. This new SLR style camera will compete or replace the current X-T30, or it could even sit alongside the X-T30. Another new line from Fujifilm might complicate things, though. Not a whole lot is known about the new Fujifilm XS10. Still, we have a few ideas regarding what it should have. Let’s talk about this after the break.

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