The Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Is a Great Tool, But a Mediocre Camera at Best

We recently finished putting the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max through its paces.

The Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max is a powerful tool for many reasons. One of the big reasons why our EIC uses it is AirDrop, but it’s also an incredible camera and communication device. Apple released ProRAW a while back. And we decided to use it with a few other cool gadgets. We discussed that in our recent episode of Pro Camera Reviews.

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There’s Better. Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera Review

The Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max camera is a very valuable tool for journalists, but it’s also just a lot of fun!

Our staff always says that photography should be fun. And for us, it isn’t always fun. Some cameras are too serious. Some are too complicated. But the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max camera is both fun and useful. One of my best friends is an Editor at a large Tech Publication. He’s been shooting for years, and has gotten sick of dedicated cameras. The Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max embraces the fun associated with spontaneity that Canon and Fuji don’t. It even rival’s Sony’s fantastic controls on their Xperia 1 Mk II. And if this were the only camera you had on you, I really couldn’t blame you.

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Profoto TTL for iPhone Shows Us Just How Limited Apple ProRAW Is

Profoto updated their iPhone app to give it TTL and High-Speed Sync, but Apple ProRAW isn’t ready for it yet.

Recently, Profoto updated their iPhone app. The Profoto app has a camera built-in that lets you use flashes like the B10 as a strobe. Except instead of shooting with a real, dedicated camera, you’re using your iPhone. The recent update includes TTL algorithm changes and lets you use Apple ProRAW. We spoke with Profoto’s product manager and tested it out for ourselves. It’s a stark reminder of just how limited a camera phone’s sensor still is.

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