NewViewWear is Apparel Meant to Capture Your Sad Daily Life


There are times that we get product pitches and we wonder to ourselves, “Why?” Take this latest IndieGoGo campaign for NewViewWear–the company looking to create apparel designed to help you capture your everyday life second by second…sort of. They’re taking the hands-free capture idea and incorporating it into clothing ideas that look like a cross between Old Navy and the Gap.

The clothing requires you to use their camera which slides into a special pocket with a lens port so that it can capture your life–though we can’t help but think that you’d look like a marsupial mammal toting around its Joey in the small pouch. There is also the option of having wearable clips and lanyards.

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Dodge & Burn Have Restocked Their Virtual Shelves

For the times that when you aren’t holding your camera but you still want people to recognize that you are a artsy fellow (or gal) this is the type of swag you need. I am pretty sure most of use have ventured and browsed Dodge & Burn’s virtual shelves but today they have restocked with a fresh batch of shirts to sell as well as added a couple of new designs. They offer shirts branded with Lecica, TLR, Polaroid, and a couple I am not not cool enough to recognize.

They shirts are simply but well designed, they go for $29 each and you can check them out on their website here.

Manfrotto’s Lino Apparel For Female Photographers Isn’t The Type of Stuff That Would End Up on Pinterest

Manfrotto has recently announced their Lino line of apparel for female photographers. While they aren’t really the most stylish of items, the line of products seem to have an emphasis on productivity and functionality vs style. Here’s a quick rundown of the new items:


The Pro Field Jacket features photographic working tools combined with comfort, convertibility, and a sleek design. It offers a classic style and comfortably holds camera gear and accessories.

PRO PHOTO VEST – $229.00

The Pro Photo Vest combines sleek design with the functionality of an everyday vest. It comfortably holds and supports your camera gear and accessories


The Pro Soft Shell Jacket is a warm and stylish shooting jacket designed to protect from cold while accommodating the functionality needed for day to day shooting.

PRO AIR JACKET – $159.00

The Pro Air Jacket is a breathable wind and waterproof jacket that folds into its own integrated compact pouch

PRO PONCHO – $149.99

The Pro Poncho is a wind and waterproof poncho designed to protect the photographer and her gear from any weather conditions.