Lens Used During Apollo 15 Said to Auction for up to $600,000

A rare piece of camera history is said to go up for auction soon in Boston; and it’s not going to be cheap at all. The Zeiss Tele-Tessar f8 lens used to photograph on the Apollo 15 space mission will fetch $400,000-$600,000. This lens was designed specifically for a Hasselblad camera that was custom made for NASA’s astronauts to use while in a space suit according to the Wall St Journal.

This is the first telephoto lens used in space according to Collect Space, and is a 500mm f8 lens. It was used by astronaut Dave Scott who kept it in his personal collection over the years. Zeiss made many of these lenses, but this one was a special variant.

Just imagine holding a 500mm f8 lens by hand and shooting medium format film. That’s got to be tough!