With the Flip Dead, Samsung Announces W200 Camcorder

With the Flip about to be put out of its misery, Samsung announced the new W200 pocket camcorder that not only sports an F/2.2 lens, but also features waterproofing. The new camcorder also has a back-illuminated 5MP CMOS sensor (BSI), which when combined with the F/2.2 lens should be able to do a great job with the diminished light underwater for up to 3 meters. That F/2.2 lens also has an anti-fog coating to prevent cloudy images. The only drag I see is the 2.3″ 230K LCD screen, which isn’t that great since we’re so used to higher resolution screens these days. Beyond this, it has art filters:

– Vignetting allows users to fade the edges of shots

– The Fish-Eye setting creates an arty, distorted feel for unique and interesting footage.