Commuter Takes Street Photos of Others Involving Newspapers and Forced Perspective

commuter-newspaper-photobombs (1)

Think your morning commute sucks? Well, many people do. One anonymous person decided to do the clever thing of combining street photography with something Banksy might do. According to the NY Daily News, he perfectly folds newspapers and then strategically places them using forced perspective. Then he takes a photo. The Daily News isn’t stating who shot these images, but they’re quite hilarious. Some of them have Yoda, some have the Queen of England and more. Many other photographers have done similar projects–or just taken bits and pieces of ads to create a collage of some sort.

Take a look at some of them after the jump.

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Shooting Occupy Wall St With Micro Four Thirds: Tips on the Documentary Style

One of the members of Anonymous wears her mask backwards during preparation

We’re written a lot about street photography and documentary photography on the site, but one of the biggest issues that we haven’t covered are protests. Here in New York City, a movement called Occupy Wall St is currently underway—protesting corporate greed and corruption by having members and supporters camp outside of Wall St. At the time of writing this story, the general mainstream media hasn’t covered it yet; but it did make the front page of the New York Times.

Photos of protestors and photographers alike being thrown down and arrested are around the web. However, not many people are showing another side of the story. To avoid being arrested, I shot with a Micro Four Thirds camera that didn’t look professional.

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