Photographer Paul Harries Bethinks on the Great Chester Bennington

“Magazines always wanted shots of him with his shirt off, I am sure he found this tedious, but he never made a fuss about it,” says photographer Paul Harries about photographing Chester Bennington. “These shots were not used at the time but when the news came through about his death, I was asked to find something unseen for the cover of Kerrang! Magazine.” Paul was fortunate enough to photograph Chester over the years, and he shared a few memories with us.

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Canon’s EOS 1 Series of Cameras is Now 25 Years Old

Canon EOS 1V

Way before anyone knew anything about the 1D, 1D Mk IV, or the 1D X there was Canon’s EOS film system of cameras. These were touted as the flagship of the Canon EOS system at the time. But they didn’t come with the built in vertical grip the same way that the new 1D series cameras do. Today, Canon announced that they’re commemorating the 25th anniversary of the series. Originally launched in 1989, the cameras have been in the hands of professionals for many years and have always been incredibly capable.

More interestingly, the EOS 1V, the last film camera in the series is still selling at B&H Photo brand new for $1,899 and not too much cheaper over at Amazon.

We’re not ones to copy and paste press releases, but in this case Canon did an excellent job of talking about the history of the series. And that history is after the jump.

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Lomography’s Champagne Editions Will Be Great Companion to a Cocktail Party: Encourage You to Bring More Wine

What’s classier than a Diana F+ loaded up with some slide film and slung around the neck? Nothing, if it happens to be one of the new Champagne Editions! Lomography has rolled out four new special edition cameras that are being minted in conjunction with the celebration of their 20th anniversary.  The new variants have a cork and velvet finish; perfect for classing it up at a local wine tasting event or one of the company’s awesome parties. Just don’t get them soaked; we all know what happens when cork gets soaked, right?

Get your hands on more info on these pretty little things through the Lomography store directly!