Fragment 8 Is a Digital Revival of the Iconic Super 8 Camera

If the film Super 8 cameras aren’t available or feasible for you, a digital version dubbed Fragment 8 could be an option.

Over five decades since Kodak introduced the Super 8 and the Super 8mm format, the motion picture camera remains a fascinating tool for today’s creatives. It’s understandable that the younger generation just discovering the format may find the film camera (the new Kodak Super 8, especially) intimidating and too much of a commitment. Whatever the reason, a Super 8-inspired camera dubbed Fragment 8 is gearing up to be a simpler digital option, especially for those interested in filming simple slices of life with a touch of nostalgia.

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GIFTY Shoots Animated GIFS, Turns Them into a Flipbook or Photo Booth Session

Animated GIFs are seriously fun, especially if you’re part of the Tumblr crowd. DIYPhotography found this camera called the GIFTY. Basically what it does is shoots animated GIF files and then prints them on the spot. The print outs look like either a flipbook or a really long photo booth sessions. The only thing that it needs now is some direct flash–and to become real. Apparently it is just a concept at the moment, but it could earn some serious street cred with the hipster audiences.