Liam Searson Captures the Beauty and Terror of California Wildfires

“Wildfires are equally terrifying and fascinating,” the California photographer Liam Searson tells me. “Especially at night, when the daylight fades, seeing the landscape erupt in a glowing orange is a pretty unforgettable experience. Imagine if the northern lights, the Aurora Borealis, were extremely toxic and posed a major danger to those in the vicinity. Would we still find them as beautiful as we do now? In a kind of f**ked up way, that’s the same way I view wildfires.

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Troyce Hoffman Captures Stunning Black and White Landscapes Using a Holga

All images by Troyce Hoffman. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If you still have a Holga camera lying around, we spotted a set of stunning black and white photos that will make you want to pick that Holga up and take it on a road trip. Through his snaps of the American West, California-based documentary photographer Troyce Hoffman shows us exactly how the iconic toy camera works wonders in capable hands.

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Here’s Your Chance to Own a Vintage Ansel Adams Print

Make some space, because there’s nothing like an authentic vintage Ansel Adams masterpiece to jazz up your home or office

It’s the dream of every landscape photographer and lover of the genre to own at least one print of Ansel Adam’s works. With our latest vintage find, it could become a dream come true for you. Currently up for grabs on ebay is a framed Ansel Adams print from the 1970s, which can be yours if you have around $154,000 to spare.

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Cody Cobb Reveals the Grandeur of the Pacific Northwestern Landscapes

All images by Cody Cobb. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If you’re feeling the need to immerse yourself in the beauty of the great outdoors and take some breath-taking photos in the process, we’ve got just the stuff for you. Today’s landscape photography inspiration is from Seattle-based Cody Cobb, whose impressive snaps are brimming with the colors, textures, and hues of the Pacific Northwest’s beautiful landscapes.

Once in a while, photographers and creatives find themselves giving in to the need to spend some time in nature. Not only is it effective as a relaxing time off and replenishing creative juices, but it also often leads to some compelling bodies of work. Cody, who works as a professional photographer and designer, is no exception. “For weeks at a time, Cobb wanders the American West alone in order to fully immerse himself in seemingly untouched wilderness,” he writes on his website bio. “This isolation allows for more sensitive observations of both the external landscape as well as the internal experience of solitude.”

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