How to Work With Portrait Photography Subjects Who Aren’t Models

There are tons of tutorials on the web that teach you how to photograph people who are models; but not a whole lot for those that want to get into it and work with portrait subjects.

A lot of this month’s content is around studio photography and ranges from those offered at beginners and advanced photographers alike. With that said, a large number of photographers (such as those who shoot street photography) have been considering getting into things like studio portraiture. Why? It makes them money. But the problem is that many people know how to find moments and photograph them, but they don’t know what to do with a canvas that’s right in front of them. It’s the idea of creating vs capturing. So how do you photograph portrait subjects that aren’t model when you’re just trying to get into studio portraiture.

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Three Perfect Mirrorless Cameras For The Advanced Amateur

Are you ready to upgrade from that basic mirrorless kit you bought to learn photography with? Advanced amateurs make a large portion of the photography marketplace, yet most guides and gear roundups seem to favor people in the beginners or professional category. The issue arises because basic cameras are well,…too basic for an advanced amateur to do what they want/need, while professional level cameras are often overkill in terms of features while being out of reach financially.

So today we are looking at that sweet spot for the advanced amateur, between the $900 and $1900 price point. We will be looking at some of the best mirrorless options out there right now to try and help you sort out which may be the best option for you with your next upgrade.

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