The Older Sony NEX Camera Have a Brand New Flash Trigger


If you’re a user of the Sony NEX 5r, 5n, 5 or most of the 3 series and you’ve been considering an upgrade then you’ll possibly be aware that Sony has changed their hot shoe system to a more conventional shoe. That shoe is present in the NEX 6 and the entire line may be moved to it soon.

But don’t worry–if you don’t have a need to upgrade your camera but you want to work with flashes via radio, then you can consider these new triggers from Fottga. They’re called the Allacax NEXT II, and they are a pair of 2.4GHz radios for flashes. But that’s not all, the company also announced a new adapter called the SMOR that converts the old hot shoe into a more conventional one that they’re claiming allows for 1/320th of a second sync speed.

Even awesomer is the fact that the triggers won’t require batteries and instead will pull power straight from the camera body. The receiver will take two AA batteries.

Via Lighting Rumors