The Cameras of Stephen Shore: On Display at the MoMA NY

Stephen Shore used some very interesting cameras over his career

Photographer Stephen Shore needs no introduction to many who’ve studied the greats: he’s well known in various circles as an incredible landscape photographer, candid photographer, and for his documentary work including that of Andy Warhol. His exhibition currently on display at the MoMA NY (ends on May 28th 2018) showcases a number of these images across a span of rooms and in various sizes and formats. Towards the end of the exhibit, a room includes some of the cameras that he’s used over the years. They correspond to the exhibit and many of the descriptions as Mr. Shore chose to move from 35mm to large format and finally digital later on in his career. Part of these moves are because Mr. Shore wanted to make larger prints after some time. Then to keep up with the times he switched to digital. Stephen still believes that all photographers should start out with film though, and considering his evolution it’s quite fascinating.

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