Gøneja Captures the Magic of His Queer Community

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“My queer family are the first people I ever photographed,” the Berlin-based artist Gøneja tells me. “And they’re the ones I continue to portray to this day.” He’s embarked on countless adventures with this chosen family, whether they’re dancing the night away at Berghain, the iconic (and famously hard-to-get-into) club in the heart of the city, or spending the day exploring a quiet village in the Polish countryside. Their faces appear time and again, in darkened interiors and sun-drenched landscapes, as you make your way through his newest book, Rituals

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The Gear Used by the Fantastic Winners of the 2021 All Out Photo Awards

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Two of the biggest things that the Phoblographer champions are diversity and intersectional feminism. We’ve been doing so since day 1. Half the Editorial staff are women. We’re minority lead. We have the only reviews team in the photo industry that’s made of mostly women. And we’ve always championed LGBTQ+ rights. That’s part of the reason why we were so happy to be supporters of the All Out Photo Awards. We joined Flickr, MTV, BayPhoto, and more to pledge our support. This year’s winners have positively wonderful imagery. And in this post, we’ll break down their gear and give a bit of a critique of each photo.

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