Alien Skin Exposure X4 RAW Photo Editor Adds LUT Support

If you’ve been waiting for new features for the Exposure X4 by Alien Skin Software, you’ll be pleased to know that a major update now has that covered.

Today, Alien Skin Software announced that the Exposure X4.5 update to their non-destructive RAW photo editor and organizer is now available. It’s been a while since we had a look at what the film-inspired, photo editing alternative offers. According to their announcement, the major feature from this update is the addition of LUT support to the Exposure X4. This now opens up more creative possibilities and tools, as users can now import LUT effects available online or produced by other photo and video applications to Exposure. Photographers can make further adjustments to the effects and their results using the software’s advanced editing and layering tools.

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Alien Skin Exposure 7 Introduces Non-Destructive RAW Editing

Kevin Lee The Phoblographer Alien Skin Exposure 7 Product Images-7

Digital photographers have more choices than ever for their post processing needs, whether they want to convert their photos into contrasty black and white stills or into any simulated film. Now Alien Skin is adding on yet another option with Exposure 7, which sets out to be your catch all solution for any and all post processing needs.

The biggest feature version 7 brings is non-destructive RAW image editing. Users will now be able to work with RAW files either in the program itself or using Exposure 7 as a Lightroom and Photoshop plug-in. Additionally the latest release adds on more textures and preset.

Alien Skin claims Exposure 7 offers over 470 preset effects including simulations of popular classic films such as Kodachrome, Velvia, and TRI-X. On top of this, you can also apply other effects such as light leaks to resolve a Lo-Fi look or different types of bokeh filters.

Exposure 7 is available download starting today through Alien Skin’s website for $149 USD. Owners of any previous version of Exposure can also upgrade to the latest program for just $69. Meanwhile, Exposure 6 users will receive Exposure 7 for free if they purchased their software directly from Alien Skin.

Check out a few more images showing off what Alien Skin Exposure 7 can do after the break.

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