Photographer Alexandre Buisse on the Spirit of Adventure Photography


All images by Alexandre Buisse. Used with permission

We talked to photographer Alexandre Buisse a while back when he showed the world just what the Nikon D800 could take while out in the field. Alex has been a photographer for years and has embraced trekking to remote locations to capture images that embody the spirit of adventure and the passion that goes along with bringing wonderful scenic spots to viewers. He takes this even further by sometimes combining it with outdoor sports.

Alex is super busy, but he had some time to catch up with us and answer a few questions about what it’s like to photograph in the great outdoors.

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This Nikon D800 Survived Four Hours in -5ºC Weather


Photos courtesy of Stian Hagen

Many folks who purchase the Nikon D800 treat it like their baby and aren’t aware of just how much abuse the camera was designed to take. In fact, you’d be pleasantly surprised. Photographer Alexandre Buisse was shooting a campaign in some frigid weather when he looked down at his Nikon D800 and noticed just how cold it was looking. Amazingly, the camera continued to function.

We asked Alex a couple of questions about the shoot and about the camera. Be sure to also follow Alex on Facebook.

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