Alexandra Benetel on the Evolution of Her Surreal Photographs

Photograph 2

All images by Alex Benetel. Used with permission.

Back in 2014, photographer Alex Benetel was honored amongst the Flickr 20 under 20 photographers. Her work is expressive, surreal, mysterious, and enchanting. It’s been two years and in two years, a lot can change in a photographer. One year you may not know how to use the shutter speed and over 365 days later you could be shooting in studios all the time.

Flickr is actually what got Alexandra into photography–and like many of us she was hooked on what the community used to be. To that end, Alex prizes the idea of a photo: citing that she tries to do as much as she can in-camera.

And her work? Well, it’s evolved while staying true to its themes.

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Alexandra Benetel is One of Flickr’s Top 20 Under 20 Photographers

Photo 5

All images by Alexandra Benetel. Used with permission.

Alexandra Benetel recently was honored as a Flickr 20 under 20 recipient, or at least she was when she won the award. Now twenty one year old, she is a university student from Sydney, Australia. At the age of 15, she enrolled in a Visual Design course, which sparked her passion for photography. Alex has since been published in Russia’s Harper’s Bazaar, showcased her work in Sydney and New York and has been fortunate enough to travel, meet and collaborate with other artists. Her work captures mysterious yet dream like-words, filled with oddities that encompass aspects of reality.

Alex’s identity as a photographer is with her surreal and ethereal looking portraits–though she also shoots weddings.

All this, and she’s still got her whole life ahead of her.

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