Tim Wolcott’s Painterly Landscapes are an Ode to Monet and Others

All images by Timothy Wolcott. Used with permission.

Landscape photographer Timothy Wolcott is a 7th generation photographer. “My grandfather told me how my forefather Alexander Wolcott invented the camera and created the first photo exhibit. I always love history,” Tim tells us in our interview. Indeed, the art has stuck within his family and Tim’s work shines.


Born in Dubuque, Iowa in 1965, Tim was exposed to the photographic process at an early age, including time spent in his father’s darkroom at his childhood home. At six, Tim started making his own images and, in high school, honed his photographic interests to include fine art images. Using a ​4×5 Zone VI Camera,​ ​Tim exposed the wind-swept countryside circling his home, winning two Kodak Photography contests.

So when you consider his artistic process and the way his mind works, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


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