These Game of Thrones Inspired Portraits Used Lightroom’s White Balance Brush as the Kicker


Game of Thrones mania has been happening–especially with the recent season premiere. Photographer Alex Huff (who also works at Borrow Lenses as their Social Media Coordinator) is a big fan of the series and recently worked with 500px on a tutorial of how she created the portraits above. While the portraits themselves were quite simple, it was all about the editing to get the effects similar to the Braveheart style look that they possess.

And how’d she do it? Instead of using two lights and gelling one combined with effective flagging, Alex demonstrated just how kick ass Lightroom 4 is by using the white balancing brush to make one side of her subject’s face blue. All of this is also in combination with correct knowledge of color theory–something that we emphasize with nearly every review we do in regards to raw file versatility. This was only possible before in Photoshop, but it’s been part fo Adobe Lightroom 4 since the start.

If you’re up for a really good refresher course, we recommend that you check out the tutorial.

Via the 500px Blog