10 Reasons Why I Love Street Photography


Editor’s Note: This is a syndicated blog post from photographer Alex Coghe. All text and images are used with permission and has been subject to minor editing.

As a commercial photographer I specialize in photojournalism, portraits, erotica and fashion, but I am and will remain a street photographer. Street photography is my essence and the way I look at the world. Because street photography gave me the opportunity to see in a whole new way that surrounds me and every moment I’m watching with my street photographer eye.

“That ongoing moment, you can feel it, a pure way of looking at the world…when you are in the street with your camera the sensation is vibrant energy, adrenaline running inside your veins, you can feel all the power, that intense moment when you frame through the viewfinder and you press the shutter. Now! That moment! Yeah! I have the picture!” – Street Photography Pill #93 from Nasty, my blog on tumblr. You can check out all my street photography pill by clicking here.

It is exactly this, an epic ride like the arrival of an orgasm, and if you can not understand it or you think the comparison is exaggerated, you probably are not a street photographer. Follow me on this post where I try to explain my 10 reasons why I love Street Photography.

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