Kodak Alaris Cozies Up to Lomography


Hey film folks; it looks like something to feed your addiction is coming! Kodak Alaris, the company now responsible for the creation of Kodak film, have announced that they’re partnering with Lomography to help make the film business stronger. What it actually means is that Lomo will be selling the film and paper via their online store. When you combine this with Lomography’s film subscription, then you’ll get even better deals.

Across the US, labs have been slowly disappearing with only a handful of really good ones in NYC and Bushwick Community Darkroom in Brooklyn.

We’re not totally sure where the partnership will go from here though. As a guy who does all of his personal work on film (my commercial and Phoblographer work are all done in digital) I’d herald the revival of Ektachrome 100–which was long my favorite film.

Conversely, Fujifilm seems to be cutting back on film production with the recent quiet tips that we go with FP-3000B disappearing.

Via Petapixel