PaintShop Pro 2019 Promises to Get Budget-Conscious Photographers Beyond the Photo

Feature-packed PaintShop Pro 2019 could be the next best option for those considering a cheaper alternative to Adobe Photoshop. 

It’s been a while since we’ve heard about PaintShop Pro, given all the other more popular Photoshop and Lightroom alternatives out there. The photo editing suite has recently been updated with a number of advanced features and tools geared towards budget-conscious photographers and content creators. If you’re still looking for an alternative image editing software to try, PaintShop Pro 2019 could very well be worth checking out.

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Canon’s Patent Application Suggests AI-Powered Camera Control System Could Take Over Photographers’ Composition

Could Canon be planning to make the camera do all the work for photographers with an AI-powered system?

AI-powered everything seems to be the hot stuff that gets anything tech-related going these days, especially photography. We’ve come to an age where AI can tell you if your photos will make you Insta-famous or colorize your old black and white photos. Canon seems to be pushing the boundaries of photography with a patent application that involves research into an AI-powered camera control system.

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Major Behance Updates Encourage Learning and Collaboration Between Creatives

Our creative journey with Behance is set to get even more collaborative and educational with some recently announced updates to the community

If you’ve been using Behance to showcase your work, collaborate with fellow creatives, or get inspired, the platform promises to give you even more opportunities to collaborate, connect, and learn. Adobe has recently announced four major updates, including an AI-powered recommendation engine and a new way to share and see behind the scenes of various creative projects.

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