Alice Camera Is Hoping to Make Your Photography Almost Effortless

“A drive to embrace new technology and change,” answers data scientist and CEO of Alice Camera, Vishal Kumar, when queried about what sets Alice Camera apart from other camera companies. He found that existing mirrorless cameras were too cumbersome and decided that a shift was needed in the camera industry. This stirred up multiple ideas in his head, which eventually led to the creation of the Alice Camera. We caught up with Vishal and his team for an exclusive interview about the upcoming camera and an insight into the AI algorithm it uses to produce pictures.

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How This AI Camera Tech Might Outdo Dedicated Cameras Soon

The AVA AI Robot Videographer is doing what you only dream your camera could do.

When the AVA AI Robot videographer hit Kickstarter, it confirmed a lot of what I’d thought was already possible. A few camera manufacturers are working on improving their AI algorithms. Canon and Sony do a great job already. OM Digital Solutions also some too. Even Leica boasts those capabilities. But understanding how an AI Camera works is even more exciting.

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