This, Ladies and Gentleman, is How They Advertised Kodak in France 31 Years Ago

This French advertisement for Kodak Gold 200 35mm film is older than I am, and it’s hilarious!

1987 may not be a year many of you think of often if you were around for it, or at all if you are like me and weren’t even born yet. 1987 may not be the height of Kodak and film in general, but it was certainly during the golden age of film. Digital cameras were still a long way off for the consumer realm, let alone ones that had people choosing digital over film.

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Canon’s New See Impossible Ads Focuses on People, but Really the Products

Canon See Impossible revealed

Welp so much for Canon’s “See Impossible” teaser leading to anything even remotely interesting for camera gear heads. As it turns out Canon is launching a new marketing campaign that focuses on successful, self-published artists. On the company’s new microsite you’ll find series of videos highlighting how using Canon products, from a Canon 5D Mk III to a printer, lead to the success of indie creatives.

One 45-second video on the site for instance shows how an author used her Canon printer to self-publish her book and become a best seller—because it’s just that easy!

Folks: what Canon has done here is created its own Hallmark channel of advertising videos.

Canon also has plans to make sure its ads are seen everywhere starting today with takeover ads on YouTube. You can also expect to see these self-promotional videos all over CNNgo as well. Meanwhile, Ad Week reports the camera maker will partner with the Bleacher Report to display ads during this month’s Major League Baseball post season.

Via Canon Watch

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