Adobe Spreads the Update Love Across The Entire Lightroom CC Ecosystem

Whatever version of Lightroom you use; today it got an update. 

Adobe’s Lightroom CC ecosystem has grown in many ways over the years. From the popular desktop app into both major mobile platforms, the ecosystem ensures that, no matter what medium you are processing an image on, you can utilize the familiar tools available in Lightroom CC. Today, continuing their promise to provide frequent updates and upgrades, Adobe announced a slew of updates for all of the apps in the Lightroom CC ecosystem. Continue reading…

Adobe Demonstrates Almost Scary Levels of Advancement in Mobile Portraiture

Lots and lots of people take selfies and portraits with their phones–I mean, look at what the iPhone 7 Plus’s portrait mode has done with phones these days. And today, Adobe is showing off some new technology powered by Sensei designed to make mobile portraits even better–if not possibly misleading. The new technology is basically letting your phone be nowhere as great as a dedicated lens and large camera sensor/film plane but still is good enough to fool most people.

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Siri-Like Intelligent Assistant May Be the Future of Adobe

Adobe AI Future

You find yourself at your desk, hundreds of files have been imported into Lightroom as you start the process of editing your latest shoot. “Crop. 2:3 ratio. Rotate 6-degrees. Clockwise,” and just as quickly as you say your commands, Lightroom responds. No this isn’t some pipe dream; a Siri-like intelligent assistant may be the future of Adobe.

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