The Yashica 45mm F1.7 Is a Beautiful Dream to Shoot with When Adapted

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There are lots of awful things that can be associated with the name Yashica. But this is more so the case if you’re considering a modern Yashica. Vintage Yashica, on the other hand, is as appealing as vintage Rolex. That’s to say that there’s a ton of hype, and it’s well deserved. So after Junior Photo Editor Feroz Khan interviewed Terry Godlove, I thought I’d buy one of his creations. Luckily, I scored the Yashica 45mm f1.7 lens. This is the legendary lens that was on the GSN Electro 35. Let me tell you, it’s a dream on digital.

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When Does Using Adapted Glass on Your Mirrorless Camera Stop Making Sense?

Pentax Film Lenses

Many photographers, myself included, often tout the ability of mirrorless cameras to utilize old film era lenses to save money and try new focal lengths without breaking the bank. But when does this make sense, and when does it start to be a bad decision?

Well, the whole benefit to it is utilizing lenses you may already own, thereby saving you money. Where some people go wrong is by going out and finding film era glass to buy specifically for their mirrorless camera. Ok, let me back up, because buying an old lens on its own isn’t a bad idea, but there is a point where the cost of that old manual glass starts to come really close to native glass you can get for your camera and at that point, it makes much more sense to just save a little longer and get the native glass for your camera.

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