Mitch Rouse: Stunning Aerial Photos in Glorious Medium Format

All photos by Mitch Rouse. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If the unique abstract quality of aerial photography is your cup of tea, you must have been on the lookout for our next featured body of work. To inspire you today, we bring the stunning work of Wyoming-based Mitch Rouse, showcasing a variety of landscapes and terrains that look otherworldly when viewed from above. As latest additions to our favorite aerial snaps, they make perfect examples of how changes in perspective can reveal nature’s artistry and penchant for abstract imagery.

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Stijn Hoekstra Explores the Abstract Beauty of Valencia

All images by Stijn Hoekstra. Used with Creative Commons permission.

The first few times we had a peek at Stijn Hoekstra’s work, the spotlight was on the cinematic quality of his documentary and street photos of Cuba and Amsterdam. His latest series, however, show that the Amsterdam-based photographer and cinematographer also has a keen eye for detail. If you often find inspiration in the eye-catching details of your town, you’ll surely enjoy getting lost around Stijn’s abstract rendition of Valencia.

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Explore Julien Palast’s Abstract Stellar Landscapes Made of Ice

All images by Julien Palast. Used with Creative Commons Permission.

Abstract photography is one of those styles that doesn’t adhere to a strict definition, and can be hard to pin down in terms of tasteful execution. Still, it’s pretty popular among photographers looking for different ways of seeing things. Paris-based commercial photographer Julien Palast is definitely one of them with his intriguing series called Stellar. On his Behance page, Julien simply says they’re stellar landscapes made out of ice, but to the untrained eye it’s not that easy to recognize. With all the jagged textures, mishmash of colors, and the uneven cracks here and there, it’s really a challenge to figure out how Julien achieved his intrguing abstraction. Did he use crunched up clear plastic? Is that a hint of something metallic there? What is he alluding to by calling this set “stellar”?

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Simon Painter’s Abstract Images Are Created in Camera

Guildford High Street

All images by Simon Painter. Used with permission

Simon Painter is a photographer that has the word “creative” written all over him. Hailing from Surrey in the UK, he’s been in the music industry for 25 years with a myriad of creative jobs. Some of the work has been features on Friends, Tour de France, Mazda, Budweiser, and Vodafone. But not long ago, the photo bug in Simon started to emerge from its cocoon.

When he emailed us asking for critique of his abstract images we were incredibly astonished to hear that most of the work is done in the camera with only minor boosts in post-production. His images have an almost painterly look to them. And so we just had to know how he did them and his creative processes.

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