What’s In the Bag? Sony Artisan Brian Smith

I’ve known professional photographer Brian Smith for a couple of years now, and the work he does has consistently blown my mind. More importantly, he’s also perhaps one of the nicest professionals I’ve ever met: in fact, he’s looking out for all of us. His book: Art and Soul, belongs on every portrait photographer’s coffee table. Brian managed to talk to various celebrities after shooting their portraits, and got testimonials from all of them on why the arts are so important.

He’s even let me play with his gear before. While we all know that a photographer’s creative vision first, I couldn’t help but ask Brian to talk with us about what’s in his camera bag. After some quick emails back and forth, I was able to get the well-respected Sony Artisan to not only tell us what’s in the bag, but also give us a bit of a backstory on some of the pieces.

Before we start though, be sure to follow his updates and if you’re at WPPI, be sure to pop on by his Secret of Great Portrait Photography class. They’ll be giving away lots of freebies there too.

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Sony Announces 500mm f4 Telephoto Beast, Confirms New Full-Frame Camera

Sony's new G-grade super-telephoto lens, the SAL500F40G

On the CP+ show in Yokohama, Japan last night, Sony announced a new high-performance super-telephoto lens for their SLR and SLT cameras, the SAL500F40G. With its 500mm focal length and an initial aperture of f4, this is the longest-ever lens carrying the “G” branding which only Sony’s professional grade telephoto lenses receive. Besides being extraordinarily bright for a lens of its focal length, the new SAL500F40G focuses via a new ultrasonic SSM drive and is both dust- and moisture-proof. It is aimed primarily at outdoor user, as in wildlife photography, sports documentation etc.

Sony also confirmed that they are working on a new full-frame A-mount camera to replace the aged α900, but have given no further details. Read more after the jump.

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