With Today’s Digital Cameras, ISO 6400 is the New ISO 1600

ISO 6400 on the Sony A7r Mk II

ISO 6400 on the Sony A7r Mk II

We have reached an absolutely incredible and groundbreaking moment in the history of photography.

Years ago back around 2007, Nikon did something that absolutely blew the mind of photographers and editors. For the first time ever in digital photography history, photographers were able to get clean RAW files beyond ISO 800. In fact, photographers back then generally didn’t have a big problem using the camera at 1600 or 3200 depending on the work that you did. Many photographers who were in the press and did daily shooting in photo pits were very happy with the results. Then one year later, they did it again with the D700–a 12MP DSLR with a full frame sensor that rendered incredible high ISO results.

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Sony Announces Uncompressed 14-Bit RAW for the A7r Mk II and A7s Mk II

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Sony A7r Mk II product images review (3 of 3)ISO 4001-50 sec at f - 2.8

Now this; this is cool!

Today, Sony is announcing the addition of 14-Bit RAW still photo capture for not only the Sony A7s Mk II, but also for the Sony A7r Mk II. The update will be coming to the A7r Mk II via a firmware update. This news comes from Sony Alpha Rumors which took it from Alpha Universe.

So what’s the big difference? 12-bit RAW files can store up to 68 billion different shades of color while on the other hands, 14-bit RAW files can store up to 4 trillion shades. That means you’ll potentially get even more color versatility when you shoot; but it also means that you’ll get much more massive files that you’ll need to get extra storage for unless you have something like PhotoKeeper. Why do we say potentially? Because it all still counts on how you metered your image in the first place in addition to how you process the image. Most people won’t be able to tell the differences otherwise.