First Impressions: Sony A58

Sony a58

Sony a58

Sony rang, and we answered the call. Editor-in-Chief Chris Gampat and I headed over to the Museum of Natural History for an invite-only press event for Sony’s new line of consumer electronics. There were upcoming television, audio, and photo offerings on display, and it was the latter of the three that particularly interested us. Following a presentation by COO Phil Molyneux and several product specialists, we signed out cameras and went on a small tour of three exhibits. Chris took the new NEX-3N and I had the a58, Sony’s latest addition to its SLT line. In summary, it’s something you’re either going to like or not.

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What You May or May Not Know about the Sony 3N and A58

Sony 3N and A58

We have seen them coming for a while now, but they are finally here, the new Sony NEX-3N and Alpha A58. Both of these cameras are the new frontmen for Sony’s 2013 entry-level camera lineup. The Sony 3N replaces the F3 and the A58 replaces both the A57 and the A37. To be an entry camera that usually means that a feature or two may have to be sacrificed and Sony has done it a bit here.

News has been out since the cameras launched in Europe so today we are going to focus on the finer details on the cameras after the dust has settled. Let’s dig deep into the offerings of these cameras and see what they are all about. Continue reading…