The New Magneflash A-Lux Monolights are Designed for High Speed Sync


Eventually when you become more proficient as a strobist, you’ll want to get a fast sync speed out of your lights than 1/250th. The reason why is because you’ll want to nerf more ambient light. And to that end, English company Magneflash has created the A-Lux monolight range. The company is claiming that they’ll have more light output at faster sync speeds than most 400 watt second monolights. Not many are capable of doing HSS (high speed sync) to begin with. And on top of this, Magneflash is giving users a Guide Number instead of telling us how many watt seconds the heads output. The A-Lux range also has a 5 second recycle time at full power, which tells us that they’re not really aiming at pros or studio/location shooters with this.

There are three models: the M302, M252, M202S–which all probably signify their watt second output in their names. In this case, they’re very specialized only for the high speed sync users, which might also be the reason why they’re so affordable.

They’re pitching the light to everyone: from mirrorless camera users, compact users (like the X100s) and DSLR users. Plus, they’re claiming better color accuracy than their competitors–which really helps speed up the workflow.

The power packs have a convenient option of being charged via USB–which we think many will move to eventually. Overall, the units seem very specialized, and we’re not exactly sure who may buy them. Hopefully, we’ll be able to call in review units.

Via Lighting Rumours